Ready Row Unit

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Upgrade Your Planter; Don't trade it

  • 50% of the cost of a new planter is in tires, hoses, and toolbar, not row units and technology
  • The Precision Planting Ready Row Unit allows you to upgrade your current planter with new row units
  • Add the latest Precision Planting sensors and control systems to build the planter that fits your farm's needs

Trading Planters Doesn’t Make Sense

Stop at any farm shop in the winter and one of the common activities you will find is a planter being prepped for spring. The planter row units are being gone through to make sure that all of the wear parts are in tip top shape; bushings, bearings, bolts, openers, gauge wheel arms all need to be at their peak in order to ensure the row unit will set the stage for consistent emergence and high yields.


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