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See Your Seeder Differently Than You Ever Have

  • Setting air seeder downforce only allows one setting across the entire machine
  • SeederForce automatically adjusts the downforce on sections or rows of the air seeder 
  • SeederForce pairs with 20|20 to control downforce and also show seed distribution

Manual Down Force Adjustments Don’t Cut It

When seeding, it is painful to see some seeds on top of the ground, prompting you to need to increase down pressure, or in some cases, add suitcase weights. The problem is that before you got out of the cab and checked, you didn't know that the downforce was set incorrectly. Your goal is to get each seed into moisture so it will grow, but not to have so much downforce that the gauge wheel of the row unit is creating compaction that won't allow the plants to have a good root system. With a single downforce setting across the entire drill, it is challenging to get this correct.


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