About us


Provide our customers and affiliates with outstanding service and industry leading knowledge. We will strive to exceed expectations from both our clients and your yields.



Formerly Arduser Seeds, County Line Ag grew out of an aspiration to provide a larger range of solutions to the hard working farmers of Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa. Now offering Channel seed we are dedicated to those that are linked to the earth. Your lively hood is at stake every season and you understand the importance of consistency. We can provide this with our products and service, but more notable our shared expertise. We work best when working with you to bring the best out of your operation.

Feel free to get to know us a bit better through our site, or give us a call. We are always eager to talk shop and share stories.



Our core values are summed up with these three powerful words. We offer the best in seeds, through our partner Channel, use analytical and quantitative research to monitor your yield, and we are always available to assist your operation with anything you need.

Creating solutions in agriculture is what we do best. From our seeds to our farming equipment and accessories we can offer a tailored approach for your needs and work however you’d like us to. We are here to work hard for you, and are only satisfied when you are successful.

You know your land inside and out. Our goal is to learn it just as well as you do. Working together we can help analyze and investigate what type of seed to use and offer our expert advice on other aspects of your operation.

Since every field is different we work to eliminate variables to deliver controlled yields year after year. Using data we gather we can modify planting to maximize your land’s potential. Taking the guess work out of agriculture is what we do everyday. We have helped and will continue to help farmers throughout Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa get insight into the aspects of their field they may have never considered.