Farm Management in South Central Minnesota

Farming in south central Minnesota is a time-honored tradition stretching back hundreds of years. In the old days, farming was dependent on physical labor from both man and animal. They worked the land together to produce a small yield that sustained themselves and a lucky few others. Food production was limited to what a farmer could produce in a short amount of time. Jump forward a few hundred years, and farm management has changed dramatically. Farm equipment and farming techniques have changed immensely from those primitive days. Now, there are GPS-guided combines, precision planters, and equipment that helps farmer get the highest yield possible from their land. It is safe to say that farm management in south central Minnesota is high-tech and moving forward.

Farm Equipment & Management

County Line Ag knows what it means and takes to be a farmer. Farm management in south central Minnesota is a race against the clock every year. The weather is always a factor, and the growing season is shorter than in other areas. That’s why you need a quality farm equipment supplier that understands the challenges you face. We sell only the best seed and farm equipment in south central Minnesota so that you can get the best out of your land and machinery. Technology is making farming more precise and controlled. Today’s farmer can control their costs by utilizing available technology and modern farming practices. The days of wasting seed and supplies in the hopes of a higher yield are gone. With precision planting tools and guided planting, farmers are getting higher yields than ever. County Line Ag is your local farm equipment supplier and can help you obtain quality seed and quality farm implements. Browse our selection of products online and contact us with any questions. We aren’t thousands of miles away; we are local, and we are part of the farming community.