If you’re looking to save some money with your next equipment purchase, a reconditioned forklift may be a great option for you. You may only need the use of a forklift a couple of hours of week; or maybe you’re just in the market for a backup forklift. Any way you look at it, a used piece of equipment does not mean a below standard piece of equipment.

County Line Ag Forklift Reconditioning service readily has many used, reconditioned, trade-in and off rental or lease pieces available

Our forklifts get put through the ringer. We just don’t paint them and send them out. They go through a thorough precision reconditioning process that insures every belt, hose, screw, nut, etc. is at peak condition. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best quality work in all or our services.


We perform the following checks and tests on all reconditioned forklifts.

  • Hydraulic load test – checks the hydraulic system to ensure that the forklift can lift its rated capacity.
  • Load chain test – inspects the load chain to ensure that it has the proper tension, and has no cracks or leaks
  • Mast channels check – inspects mast channels for signs of excessive wear
  • Compression check – to assure that the engine is putting out the right amount of power
  • Oil pressure check – to make sure the oil pressure and lubrication systems meet specifications
  • Brake check – includes inspection of the master cylinder, brake shoes, and oil seals to ensure the forklift is within OEM sec.
  • Transmission/Engine stall test – puts the forklift through practical evaluations to test its load-pulling capacity
  • Electrical charging system check – assures that the charging system is working properly
  • Steer axle mechanism check – inspects for slack and accuracy as well as tire wear

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