360 Bullet

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Surprisingly, your ripper is likely leaving 40% of the subsoil undisturbed. Dig and you'll find berms of untouched soil that can impede root access to moisture and nutrients.

360 BULLET is a berm buster. Wide wings are aerodynamically positioned toward the front of the point - creating fault lines that stretch horizontally and vertically. And it does this without significantly more horsepower or wear.


The precision wing angle and pitch of the 14" wide 360 BULLET lifts and fractures the soil across the total profile, eliminating these berms to increase the roots' access to nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur and water.

The points move a lot more soil and break a lot more compaction layers. But they do this extra work without burning a significantly larger amount of fuel or requiring much more horsepower. The vast majority of customers use the same tractor and the same gear as they do with traditional ripper points.


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