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DownForce Control Made Automatic

  • It is challenging to know which downforce setting is correct
  • Incorrect downforce causes yield loss by creating late emerged plants or restricted root growth
  • DeltaForce gets downforce right with automatic adjustments on every row

Variability- You Have It

Is every area of your field the same?  Is each row of your planter in the same environment, or are there differences?  Variability in fields exist, from soil type to drainage to moisture, and plant variability exists simply because some rows are near tires and some are not.  When setting a downforce airbag or spring, how can a single setting for the field ever be correct?  The reality is that it can't always be right, which means that whenever the setting is incorrect for that spot in the field, that seed's yield potential is lost due to too much or too little downforce.


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