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No Drive System Maintenance, No Worries

  • Planter drive systems for seed and insecticide require yearly maintenance
  • Parts of the drive system can cause poor seed placement
  • vDrive pairs with 20|20 to eliminate the drive system and simplify how seed and insecticide meters operate

Save Time

At Precision Planting, we know how important it is to get your planter ready for the spring.  The problem is, that even with the most fine toothed comb, there are still problems that can crop up during planting.  A bearing that was good in the shop can go out in the field.  A tensioner can break.  These issues cost you critical planting time and leave you feeling frustrated because you knew you had done everything you could pre-season.  We understand that when conditions are fit, your planter has to be rolling. Add vDrive to your planter and experience a planter drive system that just works, because it's simple.  Save time, money, and frustration and  keep your planter rolling with vDrive.


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